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Clear your mind before you step in to hit. You think and work during practice, but during a game your mechanics should be strictly reactionary. Practice your swing, study the pitcher, and review your techniques before you enter the batterís box. It is a good idea to take a deep breath observing the field and base runners prior to stepping into the box. Check with your coach for signals. If you donít know how many outs there are, now is the time to ask the umpire. If you need additional time to get set, ask the umpire for it. Once inside the box, concentrate on focusing on the ball the whole time while in the box. Your eyes should be glued to the ball. Do not be distracted by glancing around the field.
Make the pitcher pitch to you. Keep him in the hole by making him throw you good pitches. Donít help him out by swinging at a bad pitch. When the pitcher is behind in the count, he is forced to throw a sweet "hitters pitch" (strike down the middle) that improves your chances to make good contact.



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